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Our Canned food

the benefits of canning

In cans or jars, d’aucy’s canned vegetables lend themselves to all modes and habits of consumption. Appertisation, preservative-free preservation method, guarantees you tasty and healthy vegetables throughout the year.


Canned foods are stable at room temperature and can last for several years. To arrive at these properties, the food needs to be sealed in water- and oxygen-proof packaging, and once the packaging is sealed, it needs to be sterilised at high temperatures (around 128°C) for a certain time (usually 20 minutes or so), to sterilise the food contained in the packaging. The micro-organisms that normally cause food to rot are eliminated in this process, so the food can be stored for several years as long as the packaging remains sealed and intact. By keeping the food in its packaging and away from air and light, this process also has the advantage of preserving certain vitamins.

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