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About us

A group cooperative

Eureden was formed from the merger of cooperatives Triskalia and d’aucy Group.
This new cooperative group Eureden brings together :

  • 20 000 members farmers
  • + 60 industriel sites
  • turnover of +3 billion
  • + 9 000 employees who all share a single vision: making good food for everyone
    while meeting social and consumer expectations.
  • + 300 shops

To overcome the social, economic, and environmental challenges that it faces today, Eureden is committed to innovation and helping its member farmers transition to more diverse and sustainable agricultural practices to produce quality food that is accessible for everyone.

Eureden sees innovation as a major strategic component of tomorrow’s agriculture and food supply.
The Group has undertaken an agro-ecological transformation, striving each day to provide its members with innovative solutions that will make their farming practices more productive and responsible. Eureden has made social responsibility one of its main strategic objectives, focusing on it social, environmental, and economic impacts, the three pillars of sustainable development.

All Eureden Group activities share four goals:

  • Nourish well, knowing that feeding people is one of the most important jobs in the world.
  • Produce well, helping producers with every aspect of their work by investing in experimentation and research.
  • Process well, offering high-quality food products that meet client and consumer expectations.
  • Be responsible, taking action on social, environmental, and economic issues.

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