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Quick-frozen vegetables (marketed in France)
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Quick-frozen vegetables (marketed in France)

The single vegetables  

●●● Range Single vegetables

You can find the flavours and benefits of natural vegetables all year long.

Vegetable mixes  

●●● Range Vegetable mixes

Cook these tasty mixes according to your desires!

Cooked vegetables  

●●● Range Stir-fry mixes

This is a wide range of tasty cooked vegetables for the whole family! Cooking has never been easier!

NEW - Just reheat  

●●● Range "Juste à réchauffer"

No more saucepans! The « Juste à réchauffer » are delicious vegetables that are already cooked; all you have to do is to heat them directly in a pan!

Purée with added cheese  

●●● Range Purée with added cheese

Delicious vegetable mixes with melted cheese!

The "Juste à gratiner"  

●●● Range "Juste à gratiner"

Coated with a creamy cheese sauce, the “Juste à gratiner” mixes show you a whole new way of eating vegetables!