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d’aucy offers you tasty, healthy and practical vegetables, available as plain or in numerous canned recipes, quick-frozen products or in ready meals. Learn more about the extent of our range.


Canned vegetables  

●●● Canned vegetables

In cans or in jars, d’aucy canned vegetables suit all cooking methods and dietary habits. Canning, which is a method of preserving food with no added preservatives, and guarantees you tasty and healthy vegetables throughout the year.

Quick-frozen vegetables (marketed in France)  

●●● Quick-frozen vegetables (marketed in France)

d’aucy has a wide range of quick-frozen vegetables such as: single vegetables, mixed vegetables, prepared or precooked vegetables. d’aucy offers you many quick-frozen products that meet your needs with vegetables full of freshness and vitality.

Ready meals (marketed in France)  

●●● Ready meals (marketed in France)

d’aucy offers ready meals in trays, snack pots or cans. Ready in only 2 minutes, our recipes invite you to discover a cuisine that combines a balanced diet with pleasure and variety.