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Our commitments


d’aucy is daily dedicated to provide you with an optimal quality. That commitment reflects a number of values for which our firm stands - respect of the environment, quality and traceability. Every day, concrete actions are implemented to achieve these goals.

Environment friendly


Environment friendlyThe first stages of d’aucy’s environmental approach are undertaken in the fields, with the member farmers. A number of actions are implemented in the field as part of our environment friendly approach to the production of vegetables:

- We master the use of phytosanitary products, of fertilizers and of irrigation thanks to strict specifications binding us to our farmer partners.
- We recover waste via collections ¬
- We train members and our technicians on the good environmental practices especially through a pilot farm program.
- We provide audit and consulting services on the refurbishment of premises and on the evolution of the farmers’ equipment.

On the industrial side, d'aucy has been undertaking a number of actions aiming at controlling the environmental impact of its production tools, thus steadily reducing its consumption of water and energy, while keeping on improving the industrial waste management.

This set of measures allows d'aucy to daily reduce the environmental impact of its production while improving the quality of its products.

Optimal quality


Optimal qualityAssociated with the brand since its creation, quality is maintained through a series of measures allowing us to provide you with the best products.

Right from sowing, d'aucy controls the quality of its vegetables by selecting the seeds supplied to the co-operative farmers. A technician intervenes in the choice of the parcels, in the stages of fertilization and of protection in order to ensure a controlled cultivation, compliant with the environment protection and quality standards. Harvest starts off at full ripeness so that you enjoy the best of our vegetables.

At factory reception, a new stage of controls begins. As soon as reception, the vegetables shall meet a number of criteria before feeding the production lines. Tests are then carried out, throughout the process, in order to measure the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the products. Eventually, the vegetables packaging is controlled to ensure optimal quality to the customer.

Since the creation of the brand, quality has been defined as a priority. All the factories are thus ISO 9001 and IFS (International Food Standard) certified demonstrating the excellence of the brand concerning hygiene and quality. Moreover, the group applies a HACCP approach (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) allowing to prevent any health risk related to the manufacturing processes.

Total traceability


Total traceabilityDedicated to controlling all the stages of production, ensuring total traceability, d'aucy has established a precise marking of its products, at each stage of the production process. That strict approach allows to trace the origin of a product, the history of the cultivation treatments, of the manufacturing processes and its location before and after delivery.

From the co-operative farmer to the products delivery, going through the factory and the warehouse, all of the products are identified according to the international standards, allowing to trace the complete history of the product and to avoid any manufacturing defect.