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The industry (the d’aucy brand)


The membership of d’aucy to the co-operative CECAB Group allows the brand to control the whole ‘vegetables’ chain - from the seed to the consumer plate.

Quality and environmentally friendly products


Quality and environmentally friendly productsAt d'aucy’s, everyone knows what a good vegetable is and sets a high standard for the achievement of high quality products through the use of seeds selected for their gustatory quality and the sustainable monitoring of the crops by d'aucy’s agronomic services.

d'aucy has made a vocation of controlling all the stages of the vegetables cultivation, from their harvest to your plate, ensuring total traceability. Provided by our members’ farms, the whole d'aucy production is monitored by the group’s technicians. Besides, every d’aucy site is ISO 9001 certified, and one of them is ISO 14 000 certified. The group has been commited in that certification process for many years in an environmentally friendly approach to ensure a production of quality.

A brand that cares about consumers


Constantly aware of the needs and expectations of consumers, d'aucy has continuously been developing its capacity to innovate and to adapt to new ways of life. d'aucy stands for a wide range of products serving a constant standard - provide the best gourmet, tasty and energetic vegetables.

Beyond frontiers


d’aucy defends a certain idea of quality, and is therefore concerned about sharing it with as many people as ­possible. Today, d’aucy’s fame and success have crossed numerous frontiers...
d’aucy is actively present worldwide, through a network of constantly developing commercial facilities: Germany, Italy, Spain, Great-Britain, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Austria.
d’aucy is also truly recognized as an international brand, selling products through the distribution channels of more than 50 countries.